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Future expected earnings affect only marginally the choice of college major by French pupils. This choice is mostly driven by non-pecuniary factors.

Beffy, M. et al (2012) Review of Economics and Statistics

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School quality affects house prices. A standard deviation increase in public school performance raises housing prices by 1.4 to 2.4%. However, the effect disappears if private schools are available in the neighbourhood.

Fack, G. & Grenet, J. (2010) Journal of Public Economics

Health & Education

The over-treatment of fever with anti-malarial medication has negative short run effects such as inefficient use of resources and ineffective treatment due to misdiagnosis. More interestingly, it also makes it more difficult for individuals to extract information about the new therapy’s effectiveness from past adopters’ outcomes, thus hampering adoption of the treatment by those who would benefit greatly from it.

Adhvaryu (2014) Review of Economic Studies